Tribes – We all have one!

I believe everyone has a tribe or niche that they are called to work in. A tribe is a community of people that thinks, works, and functions in a unique way.  I’ve noticed, even in my life, that sometimes it takes a while for some to discover their niche or better yet their tribe or community that they are like-minded with. That is not a criticism just an observation. My heart goes out for those that always feel like they are a fish out of water, or that no one understands them. I believe it’s probably because they haven’t found the niche or the tribe they are called to do life with and reach.

A tribe can be a church or business. It’s a cultural mindset of how things are done. For example, there are some churches or businesses I would fit well in, and then there are those that I would not. Not because they are bad or wrong, it’s just that I will always be attracted or drawn to a particular style of ministry, business and leadership mindset more than others. That’s why I always encourage, before you join a church or finish  interviewing with a company, make sure you know their values. Study their fruit, study their cultural and why they do the things they do. And, then ask yourself, “would I want to be a part of this tribe?” Would I grow in this culture and how?

When I look back at some of the decisions I have made in the past, there were some tribes (churches, companies, relationships, etc..) that I should have not linked up with. Not because they were bad, they were just not a place where I could grow and flourish. It was not my niche. My true giftings were not developed because I was in a context to where there was no demand put on them.

I highly recommend the book, Tribes by Seth Goodin. This book will rock your world and teach you how to connect with your tribe and discover the niche you are called to reach.

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