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The 5 Types of People to Avoid

It doesn’t matter the nationality, race, age, background, economic status, or profession – I believe every person is longing for a deeper connection and is searching for a clear direction. God designed us to have deep and healthy relationships with others. He also designed us to have clarity of vision and direction for our lives. […]

The Mission is Disciples, Not Fans

One of the things that I love about what I get to do in my life is serve, connect, and work alongside people of all different backgrounds, religious beliefs, race, ethnicity, and nationality. I’m on a senior management team at one of the largest youth serving non-profit organizations in my community. I’m also a pastor […]

The Difference Between Speakers and Communicators

No matter what career context you are in – church, philanthropy, business, politics – everyone at some point in their career will give public presentations to an audience. Since my context is more ministry with a background in business, I always love to watch up and coming communicators present content that impacts an audience. I […]

Steve Jobs & The Succession Plan

Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, announced today that he would be resigning from his position and turning over his company to COO Tim Cook. Jobs had been suffering from recent health issues and he is quoted as saying, “I have always said if there ever came a day when I could not longer meet my […]

Navigating through Change Resistance

Change is always a unique time for any church. You may be launching a new ministry, adding venues, services, or restructuring an existing area or experiencing leadership turnover. Change is change, no matter how big or small, often times, people naturally resist it. So how do we deal with those who resist this change?

The Tension & Debate on Church Hiring

I believe that some churches unintentionally underestimate the skill sets and leadership abilities that reside within their own volunteers. I think a lot of churches have missed out on some great hiring opportunities, because they quickly overlooked their congregation by looking outside of the church, before they had time to fully asses the talents among their church.

Interview with Gayle Haggard

I had the unique opportunity of doing a Q &  A with Gayle Haggard this week. She is a remarkable woman who shines with the love and grace of God. She recently wrote a book called, Why I Stayed: The Choices I Made in My Darkest Hour, chronicling her and her husband’s story of a […]

The Nines Online Event: Game Changers

The Leadership Network (@LeadNet) has made possible an online one-day event to capture some of the best voices in church growth and leadership. The response was so overwhelming that this year almost 100 speakers submitted personal videos and had 6 minutes to share on the topic of “Game changers in your life or ministry.”