Ed Young & Joel Osteen Having Fun!

Ok, the first thing I want to say about leadership… is whatever kind of role you play in an organization whether it be ministry or business…you got to have fun and be crazy once in a while if not all the time…

Real and authentic leaders know how to have fun. We’ve all been around people in leadership who are boring and act like they have a pole stuck up their “BEEP.” Sadly, I find those people to be more in the Christian/church world than I do in mainstream America. If you’re going to be a leader worth following, learn to enjoy life and have fun with the people you work with.

Take these two  respected church leaders for example…Ed Young and Joel Osteen. Having random fun for no reason…Let’s be leaders that creates environments of crazy, random and stupid fun times!

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  1. Raquel McCall
    Raquel McCall says:

    I believe as long as there is breath we are to live in the plan and purpose of God. Caleb and Joshua did. There is no retirement mentioned in the Bible. Around 2004, my husband Mack and I started talking about what we might do after he would retired from 40 hours/week work. So, we looked for volunteer opportunities in several big organizations such as Wycliffe and others. We were positively surprised to find the hundred of opportunities to serve and how welcoming these organizations are to involve so called “Senior Citizens” in their projects.
    And so I pray “Now also when I am old and gray headed, O God, do not forsake me, Until I declare Your strength to this generation, Your power to everyone who is to come.” Ps. 71: 18


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