Church World vs. Corporate World: What They Can Learn from Each Other to Work Together! – Pt.2

In my experience, corporations and small businesses seem to value organizational structure and administrative systems a whole lot more than churches or non-profit organizations.

Why do we view churches that have horrible and unprofessional systems and organizational structure like its a normal thing or just check it off as if that’s the way it is in church world.  Just for the record, I will always disagree and I will never settle for that mindset. I believe the Church should have the most excellent organizational systems and structure in place in order to advance the Gospel message.

If you work in a business or company that demands high level excellence through your performance  with solid systems and administrative structure in place, the same standard should be expected if you work on a church staff or non-profit organization. If it’s not, something is wrong with the thinking somewhere at the top.

If there is one thing church leaders can learn from business leaders is how to build high level employees that can be empowered to create healthy and excellent organizational structure and systems in their non-profit organizations.

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