Transitioning a Leadership Culture..Pt 3

When leaders try to transition a business, ministry or an organization…sometimes people think they can do it with the same group of individuals or decision makers that have already been at the table for long seasons of time.  That can be unrealistic.

When you have to change a culture that begins with the direction, vision and DNA of the organization, it may require you not to limit yourself to the same group of people that have been with you thus far. That is why new voices and fresh eyes are imperative to have a successful transition of direction and focus.

If you’re in the midst of transitioning a ministry or a business, I encourage you to consider the following things:

  • Connect with new leaders outside your inner circle
  • Bring fresh eyes and new voices into your inner circle
  • Learn to receive healthy criticism
  • Track and save feedback
  • Identify people that are full of new talent and skills
  • Set a standard within your team that competence will always trump seniority

Your Thoughts?

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