The Church, The Brand and Perception…Pt. 1

One of the things I love to do in my profession is to help nonprofits, mainly churches and ministries take control of their perception through the art of marketing and branding. Marketing is an interesting business like any other. It’s both an art and a science. While the corporate world understands and values marketing and perception, I’m always surprised when I come across a pastor or a church leader who doesn’t.

Most pastors’ reservations when it comes to marketing is that they think it’s just simply traditional advertising. Therefore, they may think we already have a big church why should we worry about marketing? Or, they would prefer not doing it because they don’t want their church being viewed as another sleaze church ad in the community.  I totally understand that. But, that limited view of marketing and branding irritates me in church world. A pastor might have a good size church of 2000-3000 people, but just because a pastor has a nice building, a nice budget, and drives a nice car, doesn’t necessarily mean his ministries message or perception in the community is strong and healthy.

Let me say this:

  • Advertising is not branding
  • The full 360 degree marketing process is not limited to just advertising
  • Branding is not limited to logos
  • Strategic Branding is the message or the story
  • Healthy perception is the result of strategic branding development

Let’s begin a dialog on how we as next generation church leaders can use the tools of marketing and branding to intentionally take control over the public’s perception of our message and our ministries.

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