The Church, The Brand, and Perception…Pt. 4

We’ve been on this topic about marketing and branding for churches. Apparently, it’s been raising some controversy. Like, I’m surprised by that. HA! It’s sad that some people view marketing and branding as only effective and valuable within the corporate/business sector.  Marketing is a tool, like money is a tool…to help build the Kingdom and spread the greatest story ever told…The Gospel. Jesus himself was a great marketer. He told parables or stories to communicate His message. I’m sorry to tell you but, that is marketing.

He knew which audience to communicate what message or lesson. Because He did not speak at the same level to each audience.

  • He knew what to speak to the 5000
  • He knew how narrow the audience to reach the 70
  • He knew when he needed to share things only with the 12
  • He knew when needed to spend time with the 3
  • And, He knew when he only wanted spend time with his  favorite follower, John.

I’m sorry to say, but that takes a marketing mind. Jesus knew how to tailor His message to each specific audience…like it or not, that’s a marketing function.

Your Thoughts?

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  1. David (Marketing Integrity)
    David (Marketing Integrity) says:

    I took a little bit of heat with my comment in “Part 3” when I said that “marketing is telling your story” and that if we get better at it, “people’s lives will be changed”. I can handle the objections…but I stick to my comments.

    As you say in this post, “Jesus himself was a great marketer”. Yes indeed he was. He had his “story”, his purpose, and his mission and he never veered from it. He did,as you so nicely point out, taylor the message to different audiences so they “could get it”.

    Churches need to follow Jesus’ lead. Stay “on message” but be creative in how they tell it or market it to people of different ages, generations, or cultures so they can get it or relate to it. This way lives are indeed changed for eternity. Yes, historically churches have become too club like and tried to transform earthly “cultures”, but the type of life change I am referring to is eternal. Living the heaven life now. Experiencing joy, peace, hope, and purpose…and ultimately eternity with our Saviour. Nothing is more important than that…and every effort must be made to tell the story, and communicate the message because that is what Jesus commnanded us to do!

    Keep up the good work David!


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