Is Holographic Preaching the Next Big Trend in the Church?

Since video preaching on multi-site church campuses have proven to be an effective model to reach people and accelerate church growth, there is yet another tool that is stirring another controversy among church leaders and believers. They’re pastors and ministry leaders who use 3D holograms as a means to preach in live worship services. Is this going to become another effective communications tool to further the Gospel or have technology-savvy church leaders gone one step to far?

The Christian Post interviewed, they said, “the technology creates ‘an as if you’re there experience’ and begins to extend the realism of virtual teaching venues.”

Tony Morgan, pastor of ministries at West Ridge Church near Atlanta, and popular blogger at introduced this technology on his blog earlier this week. Tony mentioned on his blog that he wouldn’t be surprised if this technology gets implemented into churches within the next 12 months. It could easily replace video teaching from the big screen.

The Christian Post also interviewed Ed Stetzer and meanwhile, he sees the use of holograms in the church as a “natural evolution” of the technology. He continued to say, “People watched their pastor live on a big screen at a megachurch, then they watched their pastor on video from another place, now the video goes from 2D to 3D. It is not a shift of philosophy but of technology. If you are already OK watching via video, this is just a new tool, not a new approach.”

What are your thoughts on this new technology? Could you see it benefiting your church? Read full article by The Christian Post, called, “Hologram Preachers Slated to Appear in Churches.”

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  1. matt
    matt says:

    TOO FAR. While people may be okay with video teaching, They are certainly not happy with it. While there will be opposition to every technology transition period, I believe that It is not a good idea. There is NO Need for it. No need whats so ever! This would be just another distraction. Technology is distraction enough in the church. We’ve gone far beyond the technology to communicate the gospel to all the world, once again it has just become a way to prove to eachother who the bigger, better church is, who has the better media equipment and team. This is not the mindset to have, and while that may not be the intention… that is what is happening. Why do we have to have someone to visually see in 3D. 2D is enough and the message is about Jesus not what the pastor looks like. If the pastor is not live, he/she is not live.
    On the other hand, technology evolves and if the church doesnt keep up then we will be left behind because we are “boring”. Skype video capability has been something pretty amazing, it makes you feel like your right there with the person and i suppose this would be just making that a more real feeling. ITs not that bad. Im still not for it. lol


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