David After Dentist – The Highest Viewed YouTube Video In History!

“David After Dentist” Youtube video posted on January 30, 2009 and is one of the highest viewed youtube videos in history reaching over 3 million viewers as of February 5, 2009.  This Youtube video has been featured on E! NewsInside Edition, Wall Street Journal, and Time Magazine. It has also appeared on TV on The O’Reilly Factor, VH1, Fox News, CNN, and other local radio shows.

The ironic thing about this youtube media explosion is that David Devore Jr. is the son to David and Tessie Devore. And, Mrs. Tessie Devore is the Executive Vice President of the Book Group at Strang Communications, who I used to work for right after I finished college.  I remember when David Jr. would come into our office area and play and run around some times when I worked at Strang.  The Devore family and I also attended the same church in Orlando called The Gathering Place. The power of the Youtube phenomena is quite interesting to say the least. Never underestimate any form of media, even if its just  uploading a Youtube video. You’ll never know what could happen. I’m sure every dentist in the country would love to place their google ad’s on this youtube video.

Here is David After the Dentist!

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