There Has To Be More Than This?

Every now and then, I catch myself asking this question, “there has to be more than this?” More of what you ask? More of His presence, more of His word, more life, more anointing, more power, and deeper community with my relationships. Often times I get real tired of surface ministry, superficial relationships and watered down church services and communities with no substance in it. I say this with no negative intent towards any ministry, church or person in mind, only speaking from my heart of where I am at in my own spiritual and leadership journey.

Often times, I’ll talk with other young lay leaders and staff church leaders in other parts of the country, and surprisingly, they catch themselves asking it as well, “there has to be more than this?” I have concluded from my own journey, when I catch myself asking this question, it means I’m spiritually craving more of God in my life. This is good. This also means that the current spiritual diet is not cutting it anymore. It’s a sign that our spiritual capacity in God is growing and it requires a deeper level of communion and intimacy with God. It also means God is starting to prune things out of our lives, so He can restructure our priorities, so they align with His priorities.

If you’re reading this today and you find yourself asking, “There has to be more to my (Fill in Blank: Christian life, relationships, purpose, etc…)__________ than this?” Then you’re in a good place. Begin to press into that spiritual frustration. Because there is more! God wants to reveal himself to you, your family, your friends and your church, in new ways you haven’t even experienced yet. Never get satisfied with the status-quo. Be a leader who hates average Christian living, religious ruts, and mediocrity. If you want to remain confident in your purpose, never lose the hunger pains for More of God.

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