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Recalibrate – Living on Purpose by Cheryl Luke

As I reflect on the simplicity of this all too familiar expression, I cannot help but wonder how often we lose sight of who we are, our true identity, our purpose and what we have to offer as individuals. Life circumstances – disappointment, triumph and failure – help shape our distinctiveness, yet, they also have the capacity to send us reeling down a path we were never intended to travel.

Everybody Has A Story by Kelly Mata

I really enjoy hearing peoples stories. You know everybody has one. It always amazes me the journey of where people come from to where they are headed. Everyone wants to share their story with somebody, to be heard, encouraged, to walk away with hope for their future.

When Failures Speak the Loudest by Tony Fetchel

As I sat down to check my email, I was amazed to see I had received an email from John.   He was reaching out to me, now living in another country, to forgive me.  He had read my blog and read some things I had to say and was corresponding with me to communicate to […]

Get Over It by Stacy McVane

  My favorite leadership expert is John C. Maxwell.  In his book, “Failing Forward,” he says that in order to move forward you have twenty-four hours to get over successes and failures.  I have experienced getting stuck in the successes and failures.  I also understand it’s time to get over the successes and failures and […]

Leaders On The Shelf by Lahoma Dade

Often times we can get in the mode of thinking things like, how would God ever expect me to do anything with this since I have all these obligations to meet? Or God knows all my mistakes, insecurities, financial situation, weaknesses, etc. Further, there is no way God could be asking me to do anything more than what I am already doing, finding ourselves very busy, but barren.

God Uses Ugly by Mike Foster

I believe whatever we are creating is in a constant state of redemption. Why? Because God sees the invisible pride, arrogance and deceit in our hearts as we are creating it. Even when no one else does. And yet he still chooses to use our stuff for beautiful things.