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The Group vs. The Team

Read Phil 2:1-2

  • Power in Unity
  • Power in a team working together

In Judges 7 – Gideon had a group of 30K, but God used a team of 300. You will never advance with a group, you will only advance with a team. The main difference between a group and a team — groups celebrate wins, but teams create wins.

The truth is not everyone on the group has was it takes to be on the team. Don’t confuse the crowd (group) with the committed (team).  There are several reasons:

  • Everyone in the group won’t think like the team
  • Group minded people observe; team minded people participate
  • Group minded is individualism; Team minded is collaboration
  • Group minded focuses on being valued; Team minded focuses on adding value
  • Group minded focuses on looking good; Team minded focuses on being good
  • Group minded is consumed by the price; Team minded is consumed by the prize

As you can see there is a big difference between the group and the team. We won’t get the same thing from the crowd as we get from the team. Put your time and energy in discipling, developing and multiplying your leaders – the team. Don’t spend your time trying to coddle a group minded person. Love them. Smile at them. Be kind to them. Don’t get mad at them. Just understand, not everyone will be able to make the leap from the group to the team.

With every move of God there is always a leader, a team and a group. The leader points to It. The team drives toward It. And, the group follows It. Sometimes, not everyone can make the transition from following a vision (group minded) to driving a vision (team minded). This doesn’t make anyone better than or less than, just different seasons of life in their walk with God.

If you’re a part of a ministry team, serve God with all of your heart and realize what you’re doing is bigger than you.

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