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Are You A Spiritually Plateaued Leader?

I have started to read Organic Leadership – Leading Naturally Right Where You Are by Neil Cole. This book will challenge every aspect of ministry, church and leadership that you presently know. I love reading books like this. I might not agree with everything that is written, but it forces me to start thinking more in terms of where ministry and leadership could be going 10 plus years from now, if not sooner.

I love what Neil points out in his introduction about church leaders who have become spiritually plateaued and not even noticed it or that could be in denial of it.

Here are a few characteristics of spiritually plateaued leadership:

1. A spiritually plateaued leader avoids relationships of personal accountability.

2. A spiritually plateaued leader rarely applies the truth’s of God’s Word to him – or herself personally.

3. A spiritually plateaued leader had replaced his or her joy, peace, and love with envy and resentment.

4. A spiritually plateaued leader frequently looks for greener pastures in other places.

5. A spiritually plateaued leader finds faults in others more often than in self.

6. A spiritually plateaued leader is burned-out from lots of busyness that has been substituted for simple intimacy with Christ.

7. A spiritually plateaued leader compromises on ethical principles once held dear.

8. A spiritually plateaued leader stays within safe areas of expertise rather than branching out into new learning endeavors.

9. A spiritually plateaued leader is unable to acknowledge the wisdom of others.

10. A spiritually plateaued leader has reduced the Christian to a routine.

Now, I caught myself in a couple of the above statements that Neil listed. With that I realize that I need to repent and ask God to continue to grow me in those areas. But, if you can see yourself at all in the list above, here is how it will impact and affect your leadership within the local church at any level you serve.

The Impact and Affect of Spiritually Plateaued Leadership:

1. Poor leadership needs to control all ministry.

2. Poor leadership needs to filter God’s voice.

3. Poor leadership promotes upper class Christianity.

4. Poor leadership emphasizes knowledge at the expense of obedience.

5. Poor leadership sees church as a worship service, more than a service of worship.

6. Poor leadership is lured by fame and fortune.

This will be a great book that you must get and have your whole staff and/or small group read. It will challenge the status quo of church and leadership and help prepare you for what is coming!

Your Thoughts?

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