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Leadership Lessons from the King of Pop – Michael Jackson

Whether one likes or dislikes Michael Jackson’s music, you can’t dispute the fact that he was one of the most talented and gifted songwriters and musicians of this generation. The Moonwalk along with my personal favorites like Thriller, Smooth Criminal, and Black and White will be remembered for years by the generation who grew up in the 80’s and 90’s.

Even though Michael was extremely gifted and was viewed as a celebrity icon in the world of pop music, his personal lifestyle suffered. Towards the end of his career, controversy and scandal surrounded him, like most famous celebrities in that field. However, in regards to Michael, it seemed as if his fans and the world he lived in didn’t quite understand the principle of how your personal lifestyle affects your gift. What happens behind close doors has more of an impact on your life and career than your talent does.

Whether you like it or not, agree with it or not, the truth is when you are in the public eye, there is an extra burden of responsibility that you can’t avoid. It’s the lifestyle of personal leadership. Leading yourself before you lead others. Giving attention to your character before you develop and exercise your gift and talent.

When you are in a spotlight profession such as a police officer, government official, teacher, politician, religious leader, entertainment celebrity, etc… society will put the burden on you to hold yourself to a higher level of conduct and lifestyle whether you like it or not.  It just comes with the package. So choose your profession wisely and understand the responsibilities it comes with.

Personal character always trumps and out-ways gifting and talent every single time. History has always proven it.  It’s sad that the King of Pop, the world’s most talented songwriter and musician, had to die at 50. He could have learned the principle of personal leadership and finished his destiny at 80, 85 or 90.

If you want to leave your mark in this world; then focus on building a healthy life with moral principles. It will sustain you no matter how far your gift will take you.

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