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History Is Screaming – As Two Young Leaders (Twins) Bridge the Gap Between Generations

Nicole and Alexandra Hutchenson, the co-founders of Collage Ministries aren’t your everyday young adults. NicoleAlexandraThey’re driven to make a difference in the lives of young women who suffer from eating disorders, depression, sex/teenage pregnancy, cutting and abuse.

Nicole and Alexandra attend Shoreline Christian Center under Pastors Rob & Laura Koke in Austin, TX.

In the summer of 2008, they launched their first event, called “Speak What No One is Saying” that attracted women from all ages from different backgrounds and circumstances. It was a successful event to say the least.

Coming up this year in August and October 2009, history is screaming and demanding for something more! A generation that refuses to be left behind as a flat-lined and forgotten people. Collage is now in the stages of producing their 2nd annual events called, “History Screams” and “Flatline.” Go visit their website for more information at Collage Ministries. ImpelMinistry.com will continue to follow and cover the evolving motion of their ministry as more exciting events continue to develop.

Watch the video below as Nicole and Alexandra share their vision behind Collage and how it’s making a difference is the lives of hundreds of hurting and desperate young people in Austin, TX.

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