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Servolution Goes Way Beyond Volunteering in a Church

Today, many churches throughout the country have started their own teaching messages to encourage their parishioners on why it is spiritually healthy to serve their local church through volunteering. I couldn’t agree more! Serving is how you build relationships. It’s through the act of serving God can make you more usable to impact hurting people. God can’t use people who are not willing to serve and who are all focused on themselves. That’s why we must continually have a heart that chooses to give our lives away for His Glory!

However, with this message on serving, I want to caution some pastors and church leaders out there that might take it to an unhealthy and unbalanced extreme. The reason why I make this caution is because I know pastors. I grew up around many of them all my life and I know how they think and the temptation they might have with a message like this.

A true servolution is NOT only about you trying to recruit more ushers, greeters, nursery workers, small group leaders, or musicians for your worship team. Yes, we need people to serve and fill those areas, but by making people feel guilty from the pulpit for not volunteering to be on your worship team or pass the offering plate as an usher every week doesn’t mean that certain people don’t have a servant’s heart.

If your definition of serving is all about trying to get people to volunteer inside your church bubble…then you have missed the point all together. A true servolution is not just about recruiting people to volunteer in church world, but rather mobilizing people to serve their community and the world. It’s about serving someone or something that’s outside of your church.

I love what Craig Groeschel, pastor of LifeChurch.tv says, “If your church shut their doors today, would your community even notice? Would your community even care?” If you can answer that question truthfully, then you probably should stop worrying about the people who do or don’t usher in your church, but rather focus on the  culture and DNA of your leadership that should passionately move the people to serve outside the church’s four walls.

When you look at the scriptures, the Bible says that God’s heart is with the needy and the broken. When you weigh the costs of the need in your community  vs. church tasks, the mobilization of people should be set to meet and reach the needs of the community that are important to God’s heart. The tasks of your church should come secondary.

Your Thoughts?

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