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Church World vs. Corporate World! What They Can Learn From Each Other to Work Together – Pt. 1

I want to do a series of posts called, Church World vs. Corporate World – What they can learn from each other to work together! There are so many different directions we can go with this topic. But, lets begin with the obvious.

Why Does the Church Exist?

  • To reach people
  • To lead and set the spiritual tone in a community
  • To give a context from where people can grow in God and each other
  • Provide a context where people can grow in their calling and purpose

Why Do Businesses Exist?

  • To make profit
  • To stimulate the economy in a community
  • To provide a product or service
  • Provide jobs for people to grow professionally

There are probably a million other reasons we could add to these lists. But, what I would like to challenge you to do is try to find the spiritual dynamic comparisons between these lists.

For example, #1 The Church exists to reach people. Businesses exist to make profit. The main goal for a church is to reach as many people as possible for Christ. The main goal for a business is to make as much money as possible. What would happen if the spiritual enterprise of the community and the economic engine of the community partnered together to better the life and overall function of humanity in a community?

What would happen if the church could set the tone for the leading spiritual direction in a community and the businesses could stimulate the economy to its full power of potential? What would happen if The Church and Corporate America would work together to strengthen their communities for Christ spiritually and economically?

The two most powerful resources on the planet is #1 People and #2 Money. Let the church strengthen and raise the leadership caliber in people. And, let the businesses strengthen the value of the dollar in the community.

Your Thoughts?