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(Guest Blogger: Joel Stockstill) Philosophy vs. Processing


  • Philosophy is from your spirit and is shaped by the Word of God and enhanced by impartation from spiritual fathers that carry the DNA of the Gospel.
  • Processing is a function of your soul and is God-given to individual gifts, families, peoples, and generations.
  • These 2 things intermingle and form relevance, religion, success, frustration, and many different offspring based on the combination of interaction.
  • There is right philosophy with wrong processing that makes for a small ineffective ministry in today’s world.
  • Philosophy comes before processing but is many times judged based on the success for the processing. A right heart and a stupid mind will many times be misjudged.
  • Processing is something that if not possessed can be acquired through humility and hunger from those who do.
  • Jesus changed the philosophy and the processing. A pharisee is someone who rejects both.
  • Philosophy is the house, but processing is the decorations.
  • Philosophy manifests in protocol; processing manifests in innovation and creativity.
  • Discipleship is the key environment for philosophy. Freedom is the key environment for processing.
  • Philosophy must be careful not to become legalistic. Processing must be careful of abusing grace.
  • Philosophy gives us heritage, but processing gives us legacy. Philosophy rests on church history. Processing looks to Christ’s eminent return.
  • Philosophy is a primarily apostolic function while processing is predominantly a prophetic function.
  • Philosophy keeps you straight and processing keeps you upward.
  • Philosophy is not subject to change. Processing better change!
  • Philosophy is eternal, processing is generational.
  • Jacob was philosophy, Joseph was processing. Jacob revealed God to Pharaoh, Joseph revealed God’s plan to Pharaoh.
  • Philosophy deals with theology, processing deals with ideology. Philosophy is dependable, processing is debatable.

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Joel Stockstill is a leading voice for this generation. His blog is www.joelstockstill.com. Follow him on Twitter: @hippofloat.