Special Interview with Jim Stern, Lead Pastor at Destiny Church of St. Louis

Below is a 2-part interview with Jim Stern, Lead Pastor at Destiny Church of St. Louis. Jim is 29 years old and was given responsibility of lead pastor about 3 years ago from his father, Pastor Phil Stern. One of the reasons we wanted to launch ImpelMinistry.com was to highlight other leaders that are impacting their world in their 20’s and 30’s. Everyone knows they are out there, but what are they learning from their experiences? How is God fashioning them to lead in the 21st century that is different from previous generations? In this interview you’ll hear Jim discuss about the following items:

  • Transitioning into Pastoral Role
  • Personal & Family Preparation
  • Positives & Negatives of Pastoring in your late 20’s
  • The Leadership Culture of Destiny (and how it affects the people)
  • Looking ahead 15-20 years

Interview with Jim Stern – Part 1 (See video above.)

Interview with Jim Stern – Part 2

Your Thoughts?

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  1. Allen Williams
    Allen Williams says:

    This is great David…Good interview.

    I really love the fact that Jim’s heart is to see each person in the body fulfill their destiny in Christ…..Empowering and releasing individuals. Jim understands the power of the church is unity in Jesus Christ the true Superstar.

  2. R
    R says:

    Meaty information. I’ll need to listen several times to grasp all he’s saying, but my heart is excited to hear something different. It just rings full of truth; like, yeah, that’s it or that’s what’s missing. I’d like to hear more about the day to day process of launching the people into their destinies within the life of a church. Thank you!

  3. Sherry Brewer
    Sherry Brewer says:

    David, I pray that you and your associates are blessed in your future endeavors. Jim seems to be ready to fulfill his calling. Love you, Aunt Sherry


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